At Herboo, gardening extends beyond physical boundaries. From seed packets and growing guides to grow kits and style inspiration, Herboo stands as a central hub, inspiring everyone to nurture their own green spaces. Founded by Henry, Herboo arose from a desire to simplify the journey of growing plants and establishing gardens. Living in London's rented and ever-changing spaces, Henry deeply understands the challenges posed by interior decoration constraints. Despite these obstacles, his passion for cultivating window boxes and transforming gardens into serene retreats fuelled the creation of Herboo. The brand's mission is to demystify gardening and make it accessible to all while Pinterest showcases dreamy garden boards, city dwellers grapple with unique challenges such as limited space and light, often feeling overwhelmed by conflicting advice. Herboo addresses these issues by offering a carefully curated selection of seeds, style-centric sets, and beginner-friendly kits, making the process of starting and enjoying a garden simpler for all.